if bold and brazened lead the calf 
to slaughter, midst a shallow laugh
the climb and biting torment shall not show…
for after end is faced for true
there be no more for passing through
and naught is left to barter or bestow…

and how shall now the dusk or dawn
adorn the one abandoned spawn
so hope be put in darkness with despair…
be tempered with aggressive pain
relinquished time and time again
so demon be confined at last to lair…

if light it be, the truth to see
or sacral,  my activity
i have no future sin for dread or fear…
and even while the saint blasphemes
i rest in passive tranquil dreams
and to the highest hold i shall adhere…

we seem as one, we seem as all
no price too great to hear the call
but what of sleight of hand or bright disguise
what precious souls unlucky born
will never find the day’s adorn,
if nature has been planning their demise…

About Burton Cummings

Recipient, Order of Canada & Order of Manitoba. Voice & Songwriter: American Woman (6m+ plays), These Eyes, (5m+ plays) & Stand Tall.


  1. Cindy Burnay says

    Very profound. The line: ” i have no future sin for dread or fear” reinforces to me the importance of putting behind our past fears and failures and looking ahead to the future. Each day is a new beginning. Thanks for sharing your gift with words!

  2. Linda Dyck says

    Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your show at the Dakota Dunes Casino in Saskatoon Wed. night. Great as always. My friend and I go to all your shows here and are never disappointed. I remember way back in Noah’s time when I was a teenager and I saw you perform at one of the church dances here in Saskatoon. That was the big deal back then and a lot of good bands played at these dances. I think it was already the Guess Who but might have still been the Devrons when I first saw you but either way, I have been a fan ever since. I heard a rumor that you now live in Moose Jaw, for heaven’s sake. Is this true?? If so, glad to see you are back north of the 49th in God’s country! lol. Take care of yourself – remember you are an important piece of Canada’s history and music legacy!!!