CNE 2019

Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings

Thanks to all who attended our show at the CNE in Toronto last Friday (opening night)…and a special thank you to Randy Bachman for graciously showing up to provide a great surprise for the already huge crowd…the weather was perfect and the crowd was more than enthusiastic. Randy and I (and the band) performed American Woman, Takin’ Care of Business, and No Time together, and all three numbers were received beautifully. That twenty minutes or so might just signal the possibility of future things to come…we’ll all have to wait and see. It was emotional and fulfilling to perform again with someone whom I’ve known for over fifty years, especially being able to do songs that everyone knew from years of radio play. Very happy about last Friday at the CNE…peace to all…BLC

(Photo by Kevin Suter)

About Burton Cummings

Recipient, Order of Canada & Order of Manitoba. Voice & Songwriter: American Woman (6m+ plays), These Eyes, (5m+ plays) & Stand Tall.


  1. James Rogers says

    Just an outstanding performance right from the start! No crowd could have been happier and more excited…
    Then out walks Randy Bachman.
    Oh my giddy Aunt!
    Thank you for the wonderful surprise; but thank you for the whole overall experience of seeing and hearing you in concert again.

  2. Derrick Stevens says

    My first show in 5 years and you disappoint. Awesome show. And I must say when you and Randy play together magic happens. Thank you for a wonderful night.

  3. Cheri Diamond says

    Thank you Burton for your awesome performance. It was electrifying!!! I had never seen you and Randy perform together. What an amazing treat that was! Hoping to see you back at the CNE again soon.

  4. Christine Campbell says

    It was a thrill seeing you and Randy on stage again at the CNE Bandshell. Something magical happens when the two of you get together. I hope there will be more shows with the two of you, or maybe another Jukebox compilation.

  5. Karen Ferrell Epps says

    The very first time I saw you and Randy individually or together was at Casino Rama when you were on your Bachman Cummings tour and I instantly knew it was and would be the best concert that I have ever seen. Watching the videos on this tiny screen in my basement from the CNE till the wee hours of the next morning the same magical feeling was still there ! When you tour again together, come the proverbial hell or high water I will be there to see you together ! A great place to have the first one would be here in North Bay at our great Capital Center where you both have been before . 😉

  6. Kerru Swayze says

    It is amazing to see you guys on the stage together again. Life is too short to hold onto the past, leave it where it belongs and move on to something even better!

  7. Lindsey Wilson says

    Would be awesome to see Randy, Burton, Garry, Bill, and Donnie reunite, best line up ever as stated by “Burton”. Winnipeg, June 30th, 2000, best ever! Rain Dance!

    • Burton Cummings says

      Lindsey, for many reasons, some private and some not so private, that will NEVER happen…if you’d like a further clue to this response, check out what Peterson said about me IN PRINT in the booklet that accompanies the cd release of “Power In The Music”…I won’t go any further…enough said…Peace, BLC.

  8. ERIC ROUTH says

    Burton, it was absolutely beyond words when Randy came out. I was standing with Gable, can’t repeat here exactly what i said as I was smacking him on the shoulders, but it was a show that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life!! Truly brought back so many memories, as your shows always do, but this one was a bit more special if you know what i mean! Hope for a repeat sometime soon!
    See you at Living Arts in November…
    THANK YOU for all the years you’ve shared of yourself Burton!

  9. Jean riggall says

    Wish I could have been there. Please tour together next year and come home to Winnipeg.

    I was lucky enough to see you in Windsor this year to celebrate my 60th birthday. It was the best way to celebrate the day.

  10. Doug Batchelor says

    Wow! That must have been cool Burton! You guys are brothers .Canada is proud of you guys! Everyone would love to see you both together on stage!! I hope it happens! Cheers!

  11. Carol Dale says

    It’s going up as one of my all time favourite concerts…you were amazing and such a great surprise to have Randy on stage with you.

  12. Beth Ruland says

    Hope you can join Randy in Annapolis on Tuesday 😊.. wishful thinking 🤞🏻🎶🎶❤️

  13. Steve says

    It’s too bad so many talented musicians from great bands have had issues with each other that can’t be resolved. I would love to see Jim Kale and Gerry Peterson (who have toured under The Guess Who name for years join Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman for a reunion show. These guys aren’t getting any younger and time is running out due to health issues and age. The same goes for Three Dog Night. Chuck Negron and Danny Hutton need to bury the hatchet and come together again. It’s so sad that we’ve lost Cory Wells and Jimmy Greenspoon some years ago! The Guess Who and Three Dog Night produce some of the best music of the 70”s and beyond!

  14. Patricia Dykerman says

    Wow! I would have loved this concert. Glad you enjoyed performing together again. Great time by Canadian legends!

  15. Ellen Boyer says

    Wish I could have been there, but thanks to the videos posted it looked like another fabulous show with your special guest! Congratulations!! What a treat to see you together! Can only hope that there will be more…. wishing you continued success on your upcoming solo tour…. maybe I will be able to come north and see one! Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

    • Paul D. Watson says

      Burton, you and Randy and the band went to Vietnam with me in 1969, and your music has been a part of my life since then. Wish I could have been there.

  16. Barbara Waller says

    It’s was one hell of a night… Thank you boys for a great evening… Here’s too many more.. Cheers!!

  17. Jacques "Jocko" Godin says

    Weird..reading this and a tear came to my eye. So much history there that their are no written words for a pleb like me. But the world is just a better place when you two are together. Thank you Burton for everything. 🙂 Jocko


    Wow!! Not too bad for two old guys! Just joking as I’m in that age group also. I don’t know if you recall but we were friends the summer you joined the Guess Who in Regina. I believe we were introduced by Terry David Mulligan. Also spent some time with you guys in Montreal in /68. I have tickets for your show in Saskatoon on Oct. 2. Do you do a meet & greet ? I’d love to say Hi.

  19. John DeValder says

    I’m going to have to get my special license to cross the border. Would have loved to see this with the both of you!

  20. Donna says

    From my first concert seeing the Guess Who in the early 80’s at the CNE Bandstand, flash forward to opening night at the CNE 2019 and having Randy Bachman join You on the stage for two of your greatest hits made it like no time had passed in between. The eloquent sounds of your voices seemed unchanged, your energy still electrifying and the crowd just as enthused or maybe even more so. Burton as always, you thanked the crowd as if we are providing some kind of gift to you, so humble a man. In reality you have provided for us in so many ways. Your beautifully written songs have resonated with so many and as I’ve read through posts have helped many through dark times. This most certainly is the case for me as well. I lost my brother to murder in 1977 and you come out with “Break it to them Gently”. I was sure you wrote this for me and my family. It did help get us through a very rough period. You always have and forever will be my favourite. Now if you could only play “take one away” perhaps in November at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre all my dreams will have come true. Thank you again Burton Cummings for all you are and all you do.

  21. John DeValder says

    I got to see you and your band at Artpark this past June. My wife and I had a fantastic time and great pleasure to here you live! You probably won’t believe that my wife never heard you before, but she loved everything you did that evening. She’s a true Burton Commings fan now! Thank you!

  22. Diane says

    I am so jealous that I didn’t see that performance! Burton please come back to Moncton casino, Halifax casino or better still Sydney, N.S. We are a group of 6 women who need our Burton fix!!!

  23. Diane DeLaet says

    Love it! As an old timer from Wonnipeg remembering the days of the Chevrons, Chad Allan & the Expressions, and the Guess Who, my dream would be to see a tour of you Burton and Randy together. It would be the absolute best!

  24. Marlene Dion says

    Wish we could have been there you guys!! And yes, hoping it leads to you guys going on tour…..please be sure to come to Edmonton or Grande Prarie Alberta as we are from northern Alberta ! LOVE YOU GUYS ! ROCK ON!😊💟👍🎶🎵🎼🎹🎸

  25. Wendy Schnell says

    Burton I saw you and the Guess Who, here in Salt Lake City about 50 years ago.. I asked for your autograph, and you gave me your address and said, Now you can write to me!! I never did. I was about 14 and was too overwhelmed. Many regrets!! Who would have known in those days, how we could all communicate years later, with little electronic devices?! LOL.. So glad to see you and Randy are still going strong..I love your music. Always have, always will.

  26. Dave P says

    Your show was cancelled a year ago in Scottsdale AZ for which I had tickets to….PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!!!

  27. Gail McPherson says

    Burton, I saw you first at the Clifton Community Club in Winnipeg. I could not believe the voice that came out of that little guy!! Last time I saw you was at the Casino in Burnaby B.C. with Randy. The best show I had seen in years. There was not one person seated. You could feel the row of seats move with the beat. Also saw you at Up Close and Personal in Vancouver. You guys really need to get it together again. So many wonderful memories of our time in Winnipeg and all the bands you were part of. Cannot beat those memories. Keep it up guys. You are never too old!!!

  28. Stan says

    It was an awesome show, seeing two Canadian rock icons performing together was a great treat for all.

  29. Andrea Kostek says

    Wasn’t able to attend this one. Looks amazing. I see you in Rama every year. The music in your voice, Burton is outstanding. Such a wonderful, Canadian icon. And you never disappoint. Wonderful performance. See you in Oakville. 😁

  30. Ronald K Munson says

    Great to hear Burton & Randy perform together again after hearing that it would never happen again. I hope they tour again in the near future

  31. Melissa J. says

    Thanks to both of you for doing this, it was such a thrill to have witnessed and heard you together again in person. What a special moment it was, it has been far too long!

  32. Duffy Welch says

    Very VERY sorry to have missed that. Have been getting to your concerts since the early 70’s at the Arie Crown Ballroom in Chicago! Wish I could see ’em all … (deep sigh)

  33. June Mancini says

    I only wish I could have seen this performance, but unfortunately all tickets were sold out. I can not get tickets to any upcoming concerts, and when they advertise on Facebook, pretty much all tickets are sold out. I google looking for upcoming Burton Cummings Concerts here in Ontario but no luck. My husband and I purchased tickets of a scalper, quite expensive for Burton’s concert at Casino Rama back in June, and it was amazing. Burton’s songs brought back so many memories of when my husband and I first met. One song Burton sang, Break it to them Gently…. I looked over and my husband was crying, which made me cry. I am hopeful I will find up front seats in the future, and hopeful my husband and I will have the opportunity to meet Burton in person, as my husband is a Palliative Cancer patient, and I would love nothing more than to see my husband meet Burton up close and personal. Peace!

  34. Louise says

    I have worn my 1980 Mile a Second T-shirt a few times now when I have seen you, it’s getting tighter each time but I still have hope to get it autographed by you!

    The Bandshell performance was amazing, you still got it! Brings a smile on my face with the memories of that night.

    It was the icing on the cake when Randy came out! Once in a lifetime experience.

    Thank you.

  35. Jackie Savoie says

    Glad you had a great time!

    Those fifty year memories are quite powerful, aren’t they?

    Love and miss you.


  36. Doug rafters says

    Burton totally respect your opinion on Peterson but remember he is just a jealous wanna be who could only get a word in print because he bashed a true star performer. I miss your nightly rants on Facebook. Hope you are completely recovered. God bless my friend…doug

  37. Don Gauthier. says

    Burton. Proof of what music YOU have written is the absolute best of all time is the fact that YOUR music is being played in the U.S. by THREE bands simultaneously !!!
    Obviously your on tour, Randy as well, and sadly the ” phony ” Guess Who.
    No other music is being played in the U.S and Canada !
    THAT is all I have to say about how tremendous YOU are. God Bless, take care and be well. Don Gauthier…

  38. Steven Miller says

    Wonderful to see this Burton! Hopefully it leads to further work together. I’ve always dreamed of a Canadian version of the Highwaymen. Yourself with Randy and Fred Turner? The Prairie Dogs tour.

  39. Laurie Jarrett says

    Thank you for a very exciting night. This was the first time that I have seen you. And, to get there early and listen to your band practice was a great sneak peak. I did not know what to expect, and now, I want to know all about you. Amazing , talented , and I loved the stories, about each song. Have a great tour, I am going to try to find a show that is not Sold Out. Your cd’s will be on my Christmas list.
    Laurie from Trenton, Ont.

  40. Carmen Gillis says

    Just dropping by to say hello, Burton. I’ll see you in Kamloops next month. I had to laugh at Steve’s comment above about the ‘Prairie Dogs Tour’. Ha!