a trillion wonders wake me soon
beguiling time and time again
in recompense i deftly swoon
to leave behind all hurt and pain
resisting nothing, ebb or flow
i ask to see and pray to know…

for none so fine as what would sing
in heartfelt open morning joy
be tempered not by man or thing
or what the base would soon destroy…
be nimble now in sacred shade
to honour what is eden made…

with growing numbers breaking chain
advances drawn and truth be told
a single time could soon remain
where none would leave, and none grow old…
no threat could do with sullen flame
the healing light, the lulling name…

to languish fair behind such gate
and wander down the paths of rite
a consecrated hint of fate
could keep the angels close at night
and wondrous questions, dashing deep
the sacred substitute for sleep…

in mortal thought a perfect storm
remained in sight, malign behest
where menace comes to speak the norm
through clever uninvited guest…
and wary be the soul tonight
who hides in mirth but deals in might…

for seeking true my wave is thrust
i find the drift and labour on
and even though i know i must
retreat at some whose veil is drawn
i have been tutored to revere
the trillion wonders present here…

BLC 12/06/10